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Do one ever get over one’s first big love?

You think you’ll spend the rest of your life together with a person. And then you start over with someone else. Will it ever be the same?

2011.10.18 Smallville

Staring into the eyes of a newborn is an amazing feeling~ =)
Why does it take losing to learn?
It’s tough to be a failure

How do you stop…?

02:13 2011.09.21


Maybe she’s right, maybe I shouldn’t be too greedy~

The blue glass will remind me~ =)

One can be greedy with emotions, but what about memories? Can you be greedy then too? Hmm…

Sigh~ Can’t decide what to do. What to keep. What to let go of…

"有孝心的人坏极都有限, 无孝心的人好极都有限."

These words I’ve been hearing my entire life. Repeated every week like a mantra. Does that make them true then? Do I have to live by them? How far do I have to go to prove my 孝心……

It’s always on my mind, but sometimes, for a moment I forget, and it’s like it used to be~

I wish I knew what’s best for me…
2011.07.28 03:37

I’m amazed over how many different ways it can hurt…

I broke down again. This time my sister witnessed it. How embarrassing, I didn’t mean to, but I just couldn’t hold myself together when I asked for a hug…

You never know how much hope you still had until it got crushed again~

Now I’m left with this empty feeling, this anxiousness again… I have to fill it, somehow~